meraClinic: Clinic Management Solution, India's premium online health portal is proud to bring to you - smartphone and computer based Clinic Management Solution. meraClinic is an end-to-end system designed keeping the medical pratitioner at the centre.

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Improved patient satisfaction

Adoption of online clinic management solution results in reduction in medical errors and patient waiting time and also enhanced patient work flow. Solution enables doctors to provide high quality of personalized attention to patients resulting in perception of great service and growth from word-of-mouth referrals. Quality of service is very easy to evaluate than the quality of medical care received and so it becomes very important to provide top-notch quality of service.

Limited IT burden

Solution is provided as Software As A Service and all information is maintained in cloud, this ensuring automatic software upgrades and backup. This results in limited IT burden as no longer high end servers are required on your premises and there is no need to perform any software upgrades and back at site. The resulting security and maintenance support is typically far superior to anything a practice could implement on its own.


meraClinic is meraMD's affordable, yet powerful Clinic Management As A Service (CMaaS) solution. Designed to meet needs of small and mid-sized clinics. Cloud based deployment results in lower total cost of ownership and makes the solution affordable without the costs and advanced configuration typically associated with installing and managing on-premise clinic management system. There is no startup and maintainenance costs involved.